Palme d’Or winner, Bong Jonon Parasite, debuts in November

Palme d'Or winner, Bong Jonon Parasite, debuts in November

Parasite, received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival 2019 by unanimous decision of the Jury, now in Brazil, will be shown at 43rd São Paulo International Film Festival and reaches the commercial circuit in November 7, with distribution of Pandora Movies would look like the Alpha Movies. Directed by Bong Joon Ho (The Host and Okja), who is also a co-writer, the feature was selected by South Korea to compete for a nomination in the category of Best Foreign Film at the Oscar 2020.

In the plot, all members of a family are unemployed and living in poverty. Until the eldest son takes a job as a teacher for a wealthy girl and their contact with the life of luxury and glamor leads them to do what is necessary to ascend socially.

As in the director’s previous feature films, social criticism is present in Parasite, this time even stronger when questioning the state of current society and the impossibility of people from different classes living together in a symbiotic relationship. And it is from this premise that Joon Ho defined the title of the film: “there are people who hope to live with others in a coexistent way, but it doesn’t work, so they are pushed into a parasitic relationship. It’s an ironic title”, He says.

The two families in this story have some things in common, both of which are composed of four members, with a son and a daughter. But in their daily lives, they occupy two completely different extremes. Joon Ho defines these two cores: “the Kim are a low-class family who live in an apartment in the basement, with only the hope of an ordinary life. The father failed in business, the mother dreamed of being an athlete and never succeeded, and the son and daughter tried to enter university several times without success. In contrast, Mr. Park’s family, who works as CEO of an IT company and is a workaholic. He has a beautiful young wife, a beautiful daughter in high school and a small son. They can be seen as an ideal family of four among the modern urban elite”.

With Parasite, the director wanted to portray the continuing polarization and inequality of society. “We are living in a time when capitalism is the reigning order and we have no alternative. All over the world. In today’s capitalist society, there are varieties that are invisible to the eye. We treat class hierarchies as a relic of the past, but the reality is that they still exist and cannot be overcome”, He explains.

The film is in parts funny, scary and sad and shows the inevitable cracks that appear when two classes face each other in today’s increasingly polarized society. Parasite makes the audience think. One of the most acclaimed features of the year, shown in dozens of Festivals, and a sure bet in the awards season in 2020.

Parasite hits theaters on the day November 7.