Pabllo Vittar and Sony Music promote actions for the release of the single “Tímida”, with the participation of Thalía

Pabllo Vittar and Sony Music promote actions for the release of the single “Tímida”, with the participation of Thalía

During the week, the record company Sony Music elaborated marketing actions using technology for the launch of the new video clip and single, of Pabllo Vittar, which has the collaboration of Thalia. The song is called “Shy”. It is worth remembering that the two divas had a meeting in New York (United States) in December for the recording of the video clip that has been kept under lock and key until now.

One of the actions was launched last Friday (13) and it is an interactive, unprecedented and special challenge for the singer’s followers, which took dozens of fans in search of a mural hidden by the streets of São Paulo to have access to first-hand content with a pre-save link for Pabllo’s new single. The tip was given in the profile of the singer’s Fan Center and then shared by herself in her Instagram stories, where she is followed by more than 10 million followers.

For this action, the geolocation technology was also used to guarantee the exclusivity of the material only for those who found the mural. At the launch of the action, Pabllo Vittar commented: “I look forward to hearing what the reactions will be and the first people to decipher my tips for accessing the material. This is a different way for us to connect and I hope everyone has fun”. Some of these reactions were recorded this weekend and can be seen in the video that has just been made available on Youtube.

We are very happy with the result of differentiated and creative actions by our marketing team, together with the team of the two artists. These are initiatives like this mural, which lead the fan to participate more and more in the launches and feel present in the daily life of the artist”, Says Cristiane Simões, director of Marketing & Promotion Sony Music.

From now on, the pre-save link is available to everyone (click here). The single will be released worldwide this Thursday, the 19th, on the streaming platforms at 9pm (Brasília time) and the video clip on Friday, the 20th, at 2pm.

Before the mural, however, another action drew attention and moved thousands of people and comments. It was about intimate leaks of the singer posted on social networks, which became news. In the lawsuit, the leaks were credited to a profile dubbed @ gus77mm. However, when the mural was made available, everything made sense to the singer’s fans. The profile signature was in the graffiti of Thalía and Pabllo Vittar made by the artist @pedrongomes.

In addition to publicizing the launch, the singer also carried out an action to raise awareness about a virtual crime and posted an alert on her social networks, which said: “You must have seen some of my content that has been leaked in the past few days. I want to calm them down, because in this case it was a combined action. But, unfortunately, this is not the case with thousands of people who are victims of cybercriminals leaking intimate content without consent. Whoever is a victim of this crime, do not feel oppressed, go to a police station or call the ‘Dial 100′, which helps with the reports of human rights violations 24 hours a day. Recalling that anyone who disseminates and / or shares intimate content without the consent of the content owner, is committing a CRIME according to the Cyber ​​Crimes Law, with a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine.”.