Overwatch: we explain everything about the game’s history

Overwatch: we explain everything about the game’s history

Despite being released just three years ago, Overwatch has become one of the most popular games on the planet, has gained a legion of fans and a sequel has recently been confirmed by producer Blizzard. However, some players have always had a little difficulty understanding their history.

The reason is that the first game is geared only to multiplayer and Blizzard chose to tell the story of Overwatch through some animated shorts and promotional materials. This issue will be “resolved” in the sequence, which will have a story mode.

If you’ve always wanted to better understand the history of the Overwatch world, check out a summary below.

The story of Overwatch

Overwatch takes sixty years in the future, in a fictionalized version of Earth, and thirty years after the so-called “Omnic Crisis”. Before this event, humanity lived its Golden Age, due to its prosperity and technological development.

One of the inventions of humans was the robots known as Omnics, created with the aim of achieving an economic balance between nations and soon began to be treated as ordinary people.

However, things started to go wrong with the start of this Omnic Crisis, after humanity discovered that the factories that produced these robots also developed hostile and lethal machines, which started to attack human beings.

To combat this new threat, each country on the planet has created a force to deal with these robots. However, the initiative of each of the nations of the globe did not work. With no other choice, the United Nations (UN) created Overwatch, an international force that combined these countries’ individual programs into one to deal with the problem.

Veteran soldiers Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison were chosen as Overwatch leaders. At first, the initiative worked and managed to repel the threats of these robots, in addition to winning the help of new members.

Unfortunately, things went wrong again after a feud between his leaders: Morrison remained the leader of Overwatch, while Reyes created Blackwatch, a special operations division that deals with the threat of terrorist groups that have emerged over time.

Some of these organizations are Talon, which wants to start a second Omnic Crisis; and Null Sector, a group of Omnics that revolted against humanity, due to the persecutions they suffered as a result of the original crisis.

Overwatch still managed to maintain world peace for years, but the feud between Reyes and Morrison only got worse over time. This caused the group that gives the game its name to have its image scratched before world public opinion and its own members began to fight, which resulted in an investigation conducted by the UN.

In that time, an explosion destroyed the team’s HQ and apparently resulted in the death of Reyes and Morrison. The UN approved the Petras Act, which resulted in Overwatch being shut down and banning any similar activity.

The first game starts six years after the approval of this act. Without the presence of Overwatch, large corporations began to fight for power and terrorism increased in various parts of the world. In addition, there were signs of a second Omnic Crisis.

Gorilla Winston, a former Overwatch member, decided to recreate the team, even with the Petras Act in effect, recruiting both old partners and new members.

It is also revealed that Reyes and Morrison did not die in the explosion, which was caused by themselves due to a fight. Reyes became a terrorist and assumed the identity of Reaper, while Morrison became a vigilante known by the name of Soldier 76, who wants to discover the real reasons behind the shutdown of Overwatch.

And who are the heroes and villains of Overwatch?

Card-carrying fans of the franchise already know, but those a little more casual may be a little lost when it comes to identifying heroes and villains. After all, there are a multitude of characters in the game.

Among the heroes of the series, who are part of this new version of Overwatch, we can mention: Soldier 76, Tracer, Reinhardt, Winston, Ana, Torbjorn, Mercy, Mei and McCree.

The list of villains in the game has the presence of Reaper, Widowmaker and Shadow. Roadhog and Junkrat are also considered villains by many fans, despite having their own motives and agendas. This is also the case for Symmetra.