Overwatch 2: from history to maps, see all the details

Overwatch 2: from history to maps, see all the details

Production company Blizzard took advantage of its famous BlizzCon conference to officially announce, last week, the arrival of Overwatch 2, a sequel to the game in 2016 that became a success. Soon, we will have the chance to see Tracer and company get involved in new adventures.

Precisely because it is a sequel, Blizzard has already announced a series of news for Overwatch. One of them was already requested by the public, but neither will it make the game ignore its famous competitive modes between players.

Check below all the news announced for Overwatch 2.

A story mode (or PvE)

One of the great new features of Overwatch 2 is the presence of a story mode, or PvE (“Player vs Environment”) if you prefer this, something that fans had already requested for the sequel. It is worth remembering that the story of the original was told outside the game and was reserved for other types of media, such as books and animated videos that were released by Blizzard.

According to the CBR website, in this new mode, players will be able to choose between Story Missions, which are missions conducted by Overwatch teams to deal with threats from the Null Sector group across the planet; and Hero Missions, a cooperative experience in which players can improve their characters ’skills, which we’ll cover in a moment.

A new PvP mode

Despite the inclusion of this story mode, the famous PvP is still the great flagship of Overwatch 2. Jeff Kaplan, director of the game, has already confirmed that this is still the main focus of the game, as reported by the PC Gamer website.

Next, in addition to the previous game modes, PvP will include Push, a mode in which players (divided into two teams of six) need to push a robot as far as possible than the opposing team.

New heroes and maps

Of course, a new Overwatch game could not forget to include new characters and maps.

The only new hero officially confirmed by Blizzard is Sojourn, who had already appeared in other media in the franchise. Jeff Kaplan has already confirmed that he will be the first Canadian character in the series and he uses a huge energy weapon.

Echo is the other heroine who should also make her debut in Overwatch 2. She has not been officially confirmed, but a leaked game art and the sequel’s own trailer suggest that her ad is only a matter of time. Other names are also due to be confirmed soon.

And, of course, Overwatch 2 also has new maps. Among them, we can mention Toronto (which seems to be exclusive to Push mode), Gothenburg, Monte Carlo and Rio de Janeiro, to the delight of Brazilian fans of the series.

Talents for heroes

Another highlight of Overwatch 2 is that in non-competitive modes of the game, players will be able to make use of the so-called Hero Talents. It is a kind of customization in which it is possible to choose some skills (or talents, which was the term chosen by Blizzard) specific to the characters.

For example, Reinhardt’s Fire Strike may also affect nearby players, while Tracer’s Pulse Bomb will be able to create a chain reaction.

This means that characters who face themselves (like Genji vs Genji, for example) in a duel may have different skills, as reported by CBR, which should provide a unique experience for players and open up a huge range of customization possibilities.

A slightly different look

We already said that Overwatch 2 should have new characters. But it goes without saying that several other famous faces will return, such as Tracer, Genji, Reinhardt, Winston, Brigitte and Mei, for example.

For now, we realized that there were no major changes to the look of the heroes we already know, but Blizzard ended up changing one detail or another. For example, Brazilian Lúcio has armor that looks tighter than normal, while Genji’s sword looks a little different and he even won a pair of pants.

The original will not be forgotten

The announcement drove many fans of the game crazy, but others ended up worrying, as they imagined that this would be the definitive end of the original.

However, we advance you that there is no reason to worry: Blizzard will not forget the original Overwatch (at least at first). For example, some news announced for the sequel will also be available for the original, such as the new maps, characters and the Push mode.

In addition, players from both the original and the sequel will be able to play PvP matches and all cosmetic items (such as skins) and experience gained in Overwatch can be taken to Overwatch 2.

In other words: the effort made by the players in the previous game will not be wasted. That was definitely a great idea from Blizzard.

The Overwatch release date has yet to be revealed. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.