‘Outlander’ – Read the series review, also available on Netflix

‘Outlander’ – Read the series review, also available on Netflix

is a series based on the books by author Diana Gabaldon, whose first volume was released in 1991, in the USA. In 2014, after American producer Starz bought the rights to Gabaldon’s story, the books were adapted for television. In Brazil, the series is transmitted by Fox Premium 1, in addition to being part of the series catalog of Netflix.

Outlander on Netflix

Its history, at first, resembles any romance, in other words, a couple that meets and falls in love passionately. However, it has as a backdrop, for this love narrative, Scottish history. The book and the series take place in Scotland, in the year 1743, when the country was going through several changes and revolutions caused by the friction between the people and the English crown. This supposed backdrop becomes the main story of the series, and the couple, Claire and Jamie, become just one more detail within the historical facts covered.

But that is not why we stop being enchanted by the love story that exists between the couple. Claire Randall (CaitrionaBalfe) is a nurse who served on the battlefields of World War II, married to Frank Randall. After the end of the war, the couple reunites and decides to travel to Scotland, to reconnect again. On this trip Claire’s life changes completely, the nurse, by magic, abandons her time and finds herself in the middle of a conflict between Scots and English, in the year 1743, almost 200 years before the year in which she is withdrawn .

It is in the midst of this confusion that the character is introduced to her husband’s ancestor, English captain Jonathan Randall, who becomes the villain of the season. In addition to Randall, she meets Jamie Fraser, a fugitive Scotsman, who helps to save Claire from the captain. The story then becomes a representation of time travel, and a Scottish History class. The first season and the first book focus on building that backdrop, and on the relationship that arises between Claire and Jamie.

In the following season, which corresponds to the second book (each season is based on the book of the same number), we follow the couple’s life in France. We are introduced to historical characters, such as Louis XV, who takes on a fundamental role in the new stage of history. The narrative is less frantic in its events, but it is engaging.

The third season brings new adventures for the couple. The season holds us and leaves us with a slight taste of wanting more. Adventures in Jamaica present us with an entirely new environment than those we already know. In addition, old characters return to the plot to put an end to their trajectories in the series.

The four seasons of are faithful to the books. The cuts made do not alter your perception of history and much less are needed, as much as the reading of these events is super interesting, their lack in the series is not noticed.

However, in the fourth season, the rhythm of the series becomes slow and becomes monotonous, compared to the first three. It pays off in great photography, something that every season is of the highest quality.

The season becomes confusing on several points, as well as tiring. The attempt of a new couple for the series is weak, something that Gabaldon proves to be more efficient, since that same couple, in the book, is much more interesting.

But, in the disappointments with this romantic narrative, the historical background only improves. In the new phase of the series, America becomes the key point. The accounts of how American cities worked at the time and how slavery was seen by the population are so rich in details that we almost forget about couples and other characters in the narrative.

The new season, in general, is good, however, it does not make us excited for a fifth season, which is already being shown outside Brazil. However, we cannot deny that the historical references of the series do not disappoint us, and that they are what still keep us so interested in the series.

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Original title:
Duration: 5 seasons (4 being aired in Brazil)
Launch: August 9, 2014
Distributor: Fox Premium 1 and Netflix
Directed by: Anna Foerster, Brian Kelly, John Dahl and Metin Hüseyin
Classification: 16 years
Genre: Drama romance
Country of origin: USA