‘Outer Banks’: Questions that went unanswered in season 1

‘Outer Banks’: Questions that went unanswered in season 1

, the series that delighted the “swallowers” ​​in the Netflix, is a totally teen drama that shows a group of teenagers looking for a historical treasure, which was long lost. She has a very pirate with maps, coordinates, gold and a lot of navigation in the ocean.

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Before going on to the questions about the first season, let’s remember a little bit of what happened? The plot showed the story of the rebellious John B (Chase Stokes), who together with his friends, the “Pogues”, as they call themselves, find clues and hints as to where the 400 million in British gold that sank along with the The Royal Merchant ship.

In addition to finding all the money with the traces that John B’s missing father left, the protagonist’s romance with Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), drew viewers’ sighs and left many expectations to see what happens after the shocking ending.

: Unanswered questions from the first season

What will happen to couples?

The end of the season left that “I want more” taste to know if a love triangle will happen between JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kie (Madison Bailey) and Poe (Jonathan Daviss). The three gave a show of chemistry during the plot and it is not possible to choose only one “ship”. Are you “J-Ki” or “Piara” team?

Sarah and John B are going to be together in the Bahamas, so we already know that we’re going to see a lot of romance, cute scenes and a perfect seaside setting – and we hope there will be no disagreement between the two.

In addition, we are expecting a meeting with Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), the blonde’s father. He who sent the gold there, so, for sure, the strategist will find a way to circumvent the FBI in his city and escape to get his long-awaited treasure.

Will Sarah’s father and brother be acquitted?

This leads us to another question: Will Ward get away with murdering John B’s father? Conspiracy theories already believe that the police will find all the businessman’s rotten and also discover that it was actually his son, Rafe (Drew Starkey), who shot Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter). Thus, John B and Sarah can return home and share the fortune between themselves and their dear friends.

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Now we can only wait for Netflix publicize the renewal of the second season of this perfect series and hope that everything goes well for our beloved Pogues. You have nothing to do in the quarantine? Marathon, super worth it!