Oscar 2020: Where to watch nominated films

Oscar 2020: Where to watch nominated films

São Paulo, January 2020 – Last week, (13), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the Oscar 2020 nominees. The biggest highlight for this year’s award is that it is competing in 11 categories, including best film. Right behind are and, which compete for ten statuettes each.

For those who like to follow the nominees closely, there is still time to watch most of the films before the ceremony, which takes place on February 9 in Los Angeles. To save money, the tip is to look for discount coupons for the cinema, as in Peixe Urbano, where sessions start at R $ 12.90. Get to know a little better the nine competitors in the main category, and where to watch each one of them:


Synopsis: Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a mentally challenged comedian who works for a talent agency. After being fired, a series of events led him to kill three men who beat him on the subway. This incident incites a popular commotion against the Gotham City elite.

Indications: best film, director (Todd Philips), actor (Joaquim Phoenix), adapted script, photography, costumes, soundtrack, editing, mixing and sound editing.

Where to see: virtual rental platforms.

Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood

Synopsis: set in a 1969 Los Angeles, where actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) try their luck as Hollywood stars. However, several unfortunate episodes involve them in the murders carried out by Charles Manson.

Indications: best film, director (Quentin Tarantino), actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), supporting actor (Brad Pitt), original script, photography, costumes, art direction, mixing and sound editing.

Where to see: virtual rental platforms.

The Irish

Synopsis: Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), known as “The Irishman”, is a respected war veteran who works as a truck driver and Mafia hired killer. When Sheeran is promoted to union leader, he becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of a famous former president of the association.

Indications: best film, director (Martin Scorsese), supporting actor (Joe Pesci and Al Pacino), adapted script, photography, costumes, visual effects, editing and art direction.

Where to see: Netflix.


Synopsis: in the middle of the First World War, Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) are given the almost suicidal mission of crossing the enemy camp to deliver a message and, who knows, save the battalion.

Indications: best film, director (Sam Mendes), original script, photography, soundtrack, visual effects, art direction, sound mixing, sound editing, makeup and hairstyle.

Where to see: opens in theaters on February 23.


Synopsis: Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) is the teenage son of a poor and unemployed family who lives in a cramped basement. Luckily, he manages to teach English to a girl from a wealthy family. Glimpsed by the employers’ lifestyle, the entire family of Ki-taek begins to infiltrate the home of the bourgeois.

Indications: best film, director (Bong Joon-Hu), original screenplay, international film, editing and art direction.

Where to see: in theaters.

History of a Wedding

Synopsis: the drama describes the divorce of Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver), who starts out friendly, until Nicole decides to break their agreement and hire a lawyer. In addition to all the practical and psychological problems of separation, there is still a fight over the couple’s son, Henry (Azhy Robertson).

Indications: best film, actor (Adam Driver), actress (Scarlett Johansson), supporting actress (Laura Dern), original script, original soundtrack.

Where to see: Netflix.

Jojo Rabbit

Synopsis: Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) is a 10-year-old Nazi youth in the middle of World War II, whose biggest dream is to participate in the Hitler Youth, a pro-Nazi group. The boy has a curious imaginary friend: Hitler himself. His ideals begin to be questioned when he learns that his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a Jewish woman (Thomasin McKenzie) in the attic of the house.

Indications: best film, supporting actress (Scarlett Johansson), adapted screenplay, costumes, editing and art direction.

Where to see: opens in theaters on February 6.

Lovely Women

Synopsis: the story follows part of the March sisters’ youth at the time of the US Cold War. With completely different personalities, Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Meg (Emma Watson) and Amy (Florence Pugh) grow up together despite all the disagreements, united by brotherly love.

Indications: best film, actress (Saoirse Ronan), supporting actress (Florence Pugh), adapted script, costumes, soundtrack.

Where to see: in theaters.

Ford x Ferrari

Synopsis: ex-driver Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) is hired to head Ford’s entry into the auto racing business. Shelby has carte blanche to assemble the team, so he calls controversial pilot and engineer Ken Miles (Christian Bale). The company seeks to win the fame of the competitor Ferrari, however, divergences in business views between the board and the former driver can become a problem.

Indications: Best film, editing, mixing and sound editing.

Where to see: in theaters.