Oscar 2020 Memorial Forgets Cameron Boyce, Luke Perry and Others

Oscar 2020 Memorial Forgets Cameron Boyce, Luke Perry and Others

THE Oscar 2020 followed the tradition of presenting a Memorial in honor of the losses of Hollywood artists in the year before and at the beginning of the awards. However, the Academy forgot some artists.

Oscar Memorial 2020


‘In Memoriam’ – The Oscar memorial

The moment, which is one of the highlights of the ceremony, was very emotional, especially with the presentation of Billie Eilish singing ““, by the Beatles, accompanied by her brother, Finneas O’Connell on the piano.

However, what everyone is questioning is the fact that the Academy forgot to include major movie stars who died last year, such as Luke Perry, an actor who died in March at the age of 52, victim of a stroke, and the young actor from Disney, Cameron Boyce, who died at age 20 after suffering a seizure in July 2019.

Great actors were forgotten at the Oscar Memorial

Cameron Boyce was known for his role in the franchise , but also starred alongside Adam Sandler in the film. LukePerry has worked on many films and series, including his role as Fred Andrews in the series. Perry even made a cameo in, which was awarded in several Oscar categories.

But Perry and Boyce were not the only names left out of the tribute. Jan-Michael Vincent, Tim Conway, Michael J. Pollard and Sid Haig they were also left out of the tribute.

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent starred in, and his performance was nominated for a Golden Globe. As for Haig, his most memorable performance was in the film, where he played the sadistic captain Spaulding. However, the most embarrassing omission of the night is Pollard, especially considering that he was nominated for an Oscar in 1968.

Oscar has previously omitted losses

This is not the first time that the Oscar Memorial omits losses of artists. Previous memorials have forgotten several familiar names, including actress Carol Channing and producer Gary Kurtz.

Even director Joe Dante took to Twitter in 2019 to express his disappointment at the omission of actor Dick Miller from the tributes on .

It is difficult for gym include in your Memorial each loss over the course of a year or more (including a reference to the actor, who passed away last week, was hurriedly inserted). However, here is a warning to pay more attention to the assembly of the tributes, so that there are no embarrassing forgetfulness in future transmissions of the Oscar.