Orlando Brown, ex-Disney, accuses Will Smith and Michael Jackson of rape

orlando brown

THE former Disney actor Orlando Brown, known for playing the character ‘‘on the TV show’‘drew attention yesterday (17) after sharing a video accusing Will Smith and Michael Jackson and rape him when he was a child.

orlando brown

Orlando Brown says he was abused by Will Smith and Michael Jackson

Orlando Brown, 32, has been involved in several other controversies in recent years. The actor was arrested for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend in 2018. In June of the same year, he was arrested in Las Vegas for possession of crack and for resisting arrest.

In the video, Orlando Brown claims to be Michael Jackson’s abandoned son and accuses him of setting the situation up for Will Smith’s alleged abuse.

All this shit from Will Smith … I may not have Michael Jackson’s boom, but you know, he set me up. You raped me when I was a child and try to get away with it!

Orlando Brown says in a video that went viral on the internet,

In the footage, the actor appears excited and constantly screams. He accuses Will Smith of raping him again and says he wants to kill him and, in making the threat, the ex-Disney appears with a knife in his hand.

As well?! Every time I see you I want to cut your neck. You really need to understand what the Bible says man. “Honor your father and mother”, I would kill you for that reason. Never go on a TV show and act like I’m a rapist when you’re the one who raped me.

Orlando Brown also later stated that his image also represents that of Trey, Will Smith’s eldest son. Then the actor also says he is Trent, Michael Jackson’s youngest son.

I am Trey, I am your eldest son. I’m Trent, a Blanket Jackson. This is the real Will Smith, son of a *** … You abandoned your son.

Then, Orlando Brown says that the actor of “Crazy in the Piece” would have raped other members of his family, accusing him of pedophilia.

Rape cases of child actors in Hollywood have been reported by several personalities and another famous person accused in 2020 of having committed pedophilia in the past was Charlie Sheen, in the documentary “The Rape of Two Corey’s

I’m just saying, keep your conscience clear. Never think that shit was cool. I was not a child, you felt me, you took my house, you took all my shit, you started raping my family, you are a sick person, bro. Will Smith is Michael Jackson, my brother.

Orlando ends his speech with exaggerated laughter and appeared to be in a state of distraught throughout the shoot, in which he constantly fussed with his hair and wrote the accusations screaming.

If you come through my door, I will kill you … You don’t rape everyone and then run, using me to hide it all. I do not care. It changed my life for nothing.

Finishes Orlando Brown.

The matter reached the trends of Twitter and the video divided the opinion of Internet users. While some of the network’s users disregarded the accusations due to the actor’s background, others said that a rape charge should always be taken seriously. Will Smith has yet to comment on the case.

Check out the video: