Opinion: Appointment of Mário Frias cools Government’s relationship with artists

Opinion: Appointment of Mário Frias cools Government’s relationship with artists

On the night of last Friday, 19, the Federal Government announced the name of the actor and presenter Mario Frias as new special secretary of Culture, officially succeeding actress Regina Duarte, who takes over the Cinemateca de SĂŁo Paulo, which is scrapped. But the exchange of Regina for Frias, literally, relationship between Jair Bolsonaro and the artistic class.

Mario Frias

Actors, writers, filmmakers, directors, composers, musicians, among other members of the cultural class disapproved, almost unanimously, the appointment of Frias to the post.

“Is it to laugh or to cry?”, Describes actress Patricia Pillar. “Mário Frias? Who? I don’t know! ”Says actor Ney Latorraca.

The inexperienced actor in politics and appearing to be totally unaware of the fundamentals and principles necessary to assume the post to which he was nominated, still won the controversy (and, in my view, unnecessary) snub of the newspaper, when reporting the nomination with the title “the new man of the president ”, with a photo of Frias naked, from an essay done on the extinct website.

Folha de S. Paulo publishes controversial article on appointment of Frias

The actor worked on soap operas from Rede Globo (with emphasis on) and Rede Record, and presented teen games-shows on RedeTV !. With Frias in the Secretariat, the Government now counts five Secretaries of Culture since the beginning of the Bolsonaro administration.

Holidays in the soap opera Malhação

Mário Frias, the new Special Secretary for Culture

Frias became a laughing stock even before taking over the Secretariat and ended up chilling the Government’s relationship with the artistic class once and for all, due to the actor not being an active voice for dialogue, for religiously following the thought of President Jair Bolsonaro, for his political inexperience, for appearing ignoring the necessary basis to command the portfolio and not being a reference name in Brazilian culture. In saying that he does not know Mário Frias, Ney Latorraca meant exactly that. What did Mário Frias do to add to Brazilian culture? Being a teen soap star?

In democratic politics, it is necessary to choose someone who is representative and responsible to defend the causes of a group, and not people that the president simply sympathized and, in gratitude, gives a position without evaluating the techniques and consequences of his choice. . Mário Frias represents the current government well, in terms of unpreparedness and political responsibility.

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