On Vacation With Ex Brasil: Check out the new season teaser

On Vacation With Ex Brasil: Check out the new season teaser

THE MTV just debuted the campaign teaser for the new season On Vacation With Ex Brasil. The video makes reference to the perfect travel package to the exotic paradise of Jericoacoara (CE) – the perfect place to forget about routine, expand horizons and escape from all problems.

on vacation with ex brazil

Check out the teaser for the new season of De Férias Com Ex Brasil

Nobody escapes from ex. What seems like the perfect vacation can turn into a lot of confusion in a short time. With a lot of humor, this unprecedented video brings the ten initial participants of this new season, first, enjoying and relaxing in paradise.

In a second moment, everyone realizes what is to come and appears running on the beach, trying to escape the most feared moment of the program: the reunion with the ex. Check out the new teaser:

Conceived by the creative team at ViacomCBS, this entire campaign was filmed days before the start of the season’s recordings and even before the participants met. Already confined in Jericoacoara, each of them had their moment on camera so that, at last, this 45-second video could be edited and become this unprecedented campaign to present the new season.

The unpublished episodes of De Férias Com Ex Brasil open in the first half of this year.

The Vacation Cast with Ex 2020

Matheus Crivella (Novinho), who participated in the fourth season of the program as an ex, is part of the new one. He, who was highlighted for his stripped, funny and tongue-in-cheek personality, is back in the program among the initial 10 participants. Learn more about the cast by clicking here.

Barbara Morais, Flavia Caroline, Jessica Marisol, Mayara Cardoso, Winkel Mine, Caio Cabral, John Hadad, Rafael Vieira and Igor Adamovich are part of the cast of this edition. It is worth remembering that this season of DFCEX has an ex of the famous Anitta.

This handpicked group knows how to live intense and unforgettable moments. Is the idea to enjoy it to the fullest, as if there is no tomorrow, or to try to recover a great love from the past?