On Becoming a God in Central Florida | 1 × 06 – American Merchandise

 On Becoming a God in Central Florida |  1 × 06 - American Merchandise

The strength of On Becoming a God in Central Florida really is in Kirsten Dunst, and reinforce this in Krystal, showing that since she was a little girl she is the one who takes the reins of her life in moments of decision, or of extreme emotion, makes it clear that she is ready for the fight when there is a need.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Here they showed a lot of Obie’s fragility and how important it is for Cody to get what he wants, especially when we discover that Mrs. Banar, his mother, is very involved in politics and befriends the Vice President of the United States.

The choice of Krystal’s “best dress” to impress Obie, without knowing what she was going through, was sensational. But the girl has great conversations with her “mother-in-law”, who guides her to find a better investor, and being humiliated by Obie makes her see that FAM is no place for her.

When Cody opens up to her about the problems with the FAM and how Obie embezzles the money, it is surreal. Her reaction was to get out of it all, because Travis died of a utopia, something they will never have.

And it is in this attachment to what is to come that Ernie finds himself connected, because hope is the only thing left for him. When he sees saving people’s lives, making decisions that make people listen to him, it was sensational, but soon he is thrown to the ground with the assailant’s death and blood on his face.

The confrontation of Ernie, who is attached to the last bit of his hope, with Krystal who does not see where he can go anymore, the two fight, even though Krystal realizes that his friend and neighbor is beside himself.

And Mirta starts to gain prominence, seeing that the story is full of problems, Krystal seeks the reporter to give her version of the story, just when the woman was at rock bottom, and I hope they find the doctor who lost everything …

On Becoming a God in Central Florida its turn begins and I look forward to seeing the way forward.