On Becoming a God in Central Florida | 1 × 05 – Many Masters

 On Becoming a God in Central Florida |  1 × 05 - Many Masters

The coolest of On Becoming a God in Central Florida is that we can never imagine what are the next steps to be presented in the episode, but we are sure that all the characters will have great moments. Bets taking care of Destinee and the possibility of a hurricane really worried me …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The very long episode passed quickly, but important moments were presented. I think the biggest one is the relationship between Krystal and Cody, who gets closer and closer, only that she dominates him, because he likes to be submissive to a woman, making her ask for things he does without question. When she tells him to stick his head in the toilet and flush it was incredible.

The drama ended up focusing on Krystal’s desperate will, which is judged by this desperation for Obie, but the best is the way she sees him and sees that he is “broken”. So we see that Obie has heart problems and does not take proper care, which only gets worse, reaching the apex of suffering an attack during the Washington meeting of the FAM.

Cody killing a pelican and approaching Obie was cool, as was he after the attack approaching Krystal’s plans, opening things up for the two even more in the future. Meanwhile, Carroll and Carole have dinner with Obie and Louise, his wife, but end up losing, as he is more interested in the two misfits.

Cody is now part of the area closest to Obie, while Krystal has a chance to have his plans reviewed. I want to see more of Ernie and her connection to FAM, but Bets stood out as a loving mother and friend, the way she helps Krystal is really cool.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida once again gets it right in its plot and makes us anxious for the open possibilities …