On Becoming a God in Central Florida | 1 × 03 – A Positive Spin!

 On Becoming a God in Central Florida |  1 × 03 - A Positive Spin!

One thing that On Becoming a God in Central Florida makes me curious about the next steps in the series. Kirsten Dunst it’s wonderful on the scene and the crazy things your character is doing to stay strong in the face of problems keeps the series very well.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Losing her home due to Buzz’s complaint about her killing a crocodile, Krystal finds herself with Destinee living at the club, and thinking about how good it would be to have the place to consume FAM products, she discovers that her boss watched her change clothes , and in the best bribe, he manages to have his stock used there.

Now, the arrival of Mirta and Judd the plot tends to improve things more, because while she is in favor of the positivity that Krystal sells his life as an important member of FAM, Judd comes to show that everything there is brainwashed and that he lost all.

With the sides of the coin exposed, the series wants to show Judd recovering, but a being appears and sets his boat on fire, which makes me imagine he is Travis, now working directly with Obie.

Krystal did very well by tricking Cody and the script making us believe that she would denounce FAM and become someone important in Mirta’s media, only that importance ends up with her positivity and only, because she sells FAM as something incredible. So much so that he gets countless students for his water aerobics classes.

Another drama that has been well put together is Ernie’s depression. I thought they were going to fall for some relationship cliché, but showing him off for his family and even his son was very important, and his growing up next to Krystal is really cool. The way he approaches his son was very nice and I already want to see more of the relationship between them and Betz.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida he still presents us with important characters for the motivation of his assistants, since Cody is completely lost and it is the arrival of Pat that makes him review his methods.