On Becoming a God in Central Florida | 1 × 01-02 – The Stinker Thinker / The Gloomy-Zoomies

 On Becoming a God in Central Florida |  1 × 01-02 - The Stinker Thinker / The Gloomy-Zoomies

Using strong black humor, On Becoming a God in Central Florida still has the strength of Kirsten Dunst which is incredible as the widow Krystal and the cast that holds the ends well in the face of a very bizarre plot.

The main plot of the series is over FAM, a company that survives from the pyramid and promises high profits and advantages as you go up and get new people to be your bases. That’s where Krystal’s husband gets in and he can’t stop thinking about it. Travis, Alexander Skarsgård unrecognizable as well as Dunst in this initial period at least, ends up going through so much psychological pressure and dies when he decides to throw everything up.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “The Stinker Thinker”We see the family of Krystal and Travis hit rock bottom because of FAM promises and the way the family man does not sleep and focus his strength on the scheme. Krystal does everything to stay strong and works hard at the city club, and even tries to make FAM a supplier of the place, but she begins to understand that she will have to focus more on the family and less on the scheme.

When Travis sees that his wife is fed up, he even tries to get into hers to think about his daughter and their future, but believes that if he quit his job and focus on FAM, he will be very rich and have everything Cody has and a lot more… It’s funny how Krystal goes on a date at Carole’s house by bus, while everyone has cars and positions.

Travis’ death is very bizarre, as the man falls into the river, comes out alive, but when he celebrates being well, he ends up being eaten by crocodiles …

That’s when in “The Gloomy-Zoomies“, Comes Obie, an incredible Ted Levine, who seeks to motivate Krystal, but mainly Cody, as he loses his position by losing one of his bases. This episode focuses a lot on Cody’s neura to do everything possible to keep Krystal at his base, while Carole charges him, since she is above him.

The series also features Rhonda, the woman who needs to get things back from Travis, but ends up feeling compassion for Krystal, and I hope they develop that. But even Buzz, who appeared to be a friend, ends up cheating on her and seeming to make a complaint about the crocodiles she killed in anger at having eaten her husband.

One plot I haven’t yet connected with is Ernie’s grief over Travis’ death and the way Betz ends up dealing with her husband being so mourning for his neighbor. We still need to go into detail, but at the end of the episode we see him go to the club and suffer from pain.

Now it’s time to see how Krystal will take charge of her own life and be an active Founder in FAM, while dealing with the growing problems of her life, which includes being evicted if she doesn’t pay her bills.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida catches you during your minutes and leaves you intrigued to want to know where the FAM will take Krystal, since Obie is keeping an eye on the widow’s attitudes. Of course, the cast is a fundamental part and Dunst and Levine are incredible.