Omniscient: new Brazilian series has cast revealed

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Onisciente is the newest Brazilian production Original Netflix: the streaming platform signed once again with Pedro Aguilera and the Boutique Filmes team, the same creators of 3%, for the launch of a new national dystopia whose cast was revealed this Thursday – fair (7).

According to the information released, the main cast will be formed by Carla Salle (Motorrad), Jonathan Haagensen (City of God), Luana Tanaka (3%), Guilherme Prates (The Last Virgin), Sandra Corveloni (We Are So Young) and Marcello Airoldi (Amor em Sampa), present in the first promotional image of the program.

Following the same dystopian style of 3%, the new program will show a society monitored by an omniscient system, in which each citizen is supervised by a tiny drone whose function is to send data to an inaccessible base: with all this surveillance, the rates of Crime rates are very low, almost reaching zero, but a young woman named Nina discovers a murder that was not reported by the system – discovering why it becomes the central adventure of the futurist program.

There is no preview yet, but six episodes are expected for the first season of production.

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