Omelet launches Bruttal its first comic book seal

Omelet launches Bruttal its first comic book seal

Over the past 20 years, the omelet has been dedicated to analyzing and disseminating comic books to bring information to its millions of readers. Now, all knowledge will be used to offer the public qualified content from the platform Bruttal ( – dedicated to gathering stories filled with action, adventure, mystery and humor. Released today, day November 18, the seal arises from the partnership between Omelet Originals, an area dedicated to the creation of copyrighted content, and artists Felipe Portugal, Raoni Marqs, Thiago Martins and Yuri Moraes.

The new platform is free and will offer reading optimized for cell phones and mobile devices. Weekly, the reader will find in Bruttal unpublished chapters of the four comics that make up the first season of stories: Ba-da Bacon, by Raoni Marqs; Charlote Blues, by Felipe Portugal; Johnny Knife, by Thiago Moraes Martins; and Your Kingdom Come to Us, by Yuri Moraes.

In addition to the digital version, Bruttal’s comics will also be published on a luxury album. The exclusive launch takes place at CCXP19, the largest pop culture festival on the planet, held between December 5 and 8, at the São Paulo Expo. The artists will have a table at the Artists’ Alley, where they can chat with fans who want to purchase the special edition and take the opportunity to secure their autographs.

About the stories and the authors

Ba-da Bacon tells the story of Gio Gianopoulos, a loose and quarrelsome guy who receives a map and the mission of finding a Magic Bacon – a bacon so delicious and unique that everyone wants to find it. To reach his goal, Gio will have to face chefs, uncontrolled hatters, bankrupt cooks, wild bikers, truffle sellers and henchmen from the food industry. All because his father, already in the crow’s beak, does not want to die eating hospital jelly.

Raoni Marqs, writer and draftsman of Ba-da Bacon, studied cinema and works drawing storyboards and writing scripts for series like Brother of Jorel, at the cartoon Network. He wrote and drew more than 500 pages of comics, including stories about knights who deliver pizza, baker dogs who dream of boxing, and samurai who play tennis. Wrote the book How to Write Stories, which gave rise to a series of videos for YouTube on writing techniques and theories.

Charlote Blues tells the story of the eponymous character, who was once the best detective in the corporation, but now it’s just a shadow of his past. Facing depression and a monotonous routine alongside her work partner, Quasimodo, she is called upon to investigate a strange case of mass disappearances in her city and will have the opportunity to return to the old way. Will Charlote be able to prove his worth?

Felipe Portugal, author and designer of Charlote Blues, has been making comics for the internet since 2011. He has published in independent magazines such as the anthology Livery! (2013), in addition to graphic novels Spike (2015) and Hail (2017), by Ugra Press.

Johnny Knife is the last punisher for hire in the Canivete family. Known for the use of bladed weapons in their services, son and father are surprised and defeated on a mission by the debutant vigilantes Fairies of Boots. Johnny loses his right hand and his father during the fight. In search of revenge against the Fairies, JC adapts the most diverse blades to his fist and becomes a real human pocket knife.

Thiago Moraes Martins, author, writer and designer behind Johnny Knife, began his career in MTV Brasil, where he created, directed and animated series that made history in Brazilian animation as Fudêncio and His Friends, Megaliga, The Jorges, Misfortune with the Funérea, among others. As a comic artist, he published in 2016, The Mermaid of Mongaguá, by the publisher Veneta. He currently does direction, art direction and character design for the series that co-created the call, Gigablaster, shown daily on the channel Gloob.

Your Kingdom Come to Us: After hundreds of years of boredom, the tyrannical dictator of the biggest nation on the continent Zaxxar, Deus Rei Trixo, locked himself in his royal office to write an adventure biography of his favorite television character, Beto Royale. While trying to devote himself to the art of writing, Deus Rei Trixo suffers a coup and is dethroned. In addition to beginning a completely different civilian life than he was used to, Deus Rei Trixo will have to deal with his controversial past, face his bloodthirsty enemies and cause wars between kingdoms to, who knows, overcome his creative block.

Yuri Moraes, writer and illustrator of Your Kingdom Come to Us, worked as a screenwriter and director of segments on programs like The Night, Hole MTV, Cassette & Planet, VMB, Hermes & Renato and Comedy MTV. Creator / member of the channel The Megapods and the humorous group Gangbang, who produced sketches for MTV Brasil between 2009 and 2011. As a comic artist, he released two books: Mickey Mouse (2011), by Editorial Fold, and Wasteland Scumfucks: Demon Land (2017), by Publisher Veneta.