Old video shows Tom Holland saying he would like to play Spider-Man

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Dreams come true! A few years ago, actor Tom Holland gave an interview and stated that he would like to play Spider-Man in the future. He currently lives the hero in theaters.

Take the opportunity to check out the video:

At the time, the actor was talking about the release of the film The Impossible, about a devastating tsunami, where he lived the couple’s son who was on vacation at the site, when the tsunami ends up separating the family.

The interviewer asks what he would like to do and Holland promptly replies “something that has a little action or a little comedy, maybe something less serious than The Impossible. Something a little more fun”.

The interviewer suggests a superhero movie and asks which one he would like to play, then he replies “Ah, yes. I don’t know, what kind of superhero would I like to play? Maybe Spider-Man ten years from now “.

In addition to the hero’s solo film, the actor was also in Captain America: Civil War and is in theaters in Avengers: Infinity War. Your solo film will also get a sequel. He even received a compliment from Stan Lee, creator of the hero, stating that he is the perfect Peter Parker.

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By Milena Costa