Now, the order is to dare! Escola Madre launches its color palette

Now, the order is to dare!  Escola Madre launches its color palette

THE Madre School, a renowned school for people wishing to become beauty professionals, launched its color palette to be used in the fall.

Called autumn-soft, it brings a trend of blush, eyeshadow, masks, lipsticks and pencils, all with earthy and warm tones to keep you very elegant, alive and in fashion every day.

makeup palette

Makeup: Color palette to use in the fall

All the colors presented, for sure, were the most seen on the catwalks of Brazil and the world, which shows us that the list selected by fashionistas was very complex and complete, as it allows each person to create their personality within what was proposed. With earthy, warm, sophisticated, strong colors, the palette exudes confidence, strength, boldness and sophistication.

Hanging between strong colors and subtle colors, in this case, the makeups will appear giving more color and life in the more sober and discreet looks, following the previous trends of natural skin, that is, little ‘plastering’ and light, tanned skin is also something that will accompany all of us in the autumn / winter period, as we cannot forget the sun throughout all of this.

This season has already broken all standards when it brought the strongest colors used in the summer. The vibrant tones of green, yellow, blue and pink will be in weight giving all the air of grace at this time of year.

Another trend that is strong at this moment is the return of gloss, that liquid that leaves us with the mouth of oil after eating a chicken with the hand is back, however, its technology shows an improvement, because, incredibly, our hair no longer sticks to the mouth when the wind blows, which makes me very happy.

Due to the fashion of the wonderful rainbowher, another thing that is appearing a lot of rainbow are our eyelids that present different colors at once, however, what brings a warmth in the heart is that for the most discreet people, the same can be done with lighter colors, which makes the look bold and vibrant in the same way. Contrary to everything I just said in this same paragraph, monochromatic makeups are reappearing and leaving every style very modern.

Colored mascara also reappeared to modernize our appearance, however, its colors are still a little timid which does not prevent us from using that beautiful purple in place of the infamous black or brown, because, today, we are in charge of fashion, or be that the fun is released and the order is to dare!