New World: Novel featuring Babu Santana will be shown on Globo

babu santana new world

The soap opera, which features the actor’s performance Babu Santana, current BBB20 confined, will be shown again on Globo before the new soap opera , due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The story of the soap opera, which features the current BBB, tells about the arrival of the royal family in Brazil. The soap opera has been showing at 6 pm since last Monday (30).

babu santana new world

Babu Santana acts in, Globo soap opera

In the plot, Babu Santana plays the foreman Jacinto, who also does dirty work for his boss, Thomas. The actor and current BBB appears alongside Ingrid Guimarães and Thiago Tomé in comedic sequences. In an interview, the authors of the novel, Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, commented on the coincidence of the novel being replayed while the actor Babu Santana is confined to BBB20.

For us, this coincidence of having Babu on the BBB20 and the soap opera, at the same time, is great. A lot of people who are rooting for him in reality may not have seen it at the first screening and will have a chance to see it now. It is curious that the opposite usually happens, people leave the BBB and go to do soap operas. This time, Babu made the soap opera before and then went to the BBB.

Said Alessandro, according to the newspaper

The recall of the reprise was made by Babu Santana’s own profile on social networks, which reminded his followers that they will be able to watch Babu Santana in double dose if they follow the soap opera followed by the reality show Big Brother Brasil.

Today there is a double dose of Paizão on the Rede Globo screen, starting at 6 pm, in the replay of NOVO MUNDO. And later there’s Babu on the BBB!

Said the artist’s profile on Instagram