New trailer for Turma da M么nica – La莽os arrives tomorrow (3); watch the teaser!

 New trailer for Turma da M么nica - La莽os arrives tomorrow (3);  watch the teaser!

After a very cool new poster, the Paris Movies announced that a new trailer for Monica’s Gang – The Moviearrives tomorrow (3)!

With the title of Monica’s Gang – Ties, the feature should tell the adventures of M么nica, Cebolinha, Casc茫o and Magali in theaters being played by young actors.

Check out the teaser:

In the released film’s plot we will also see an adventure with M么nica (Giulia Benite) Cebolinha (Kevin Vechiatto), Casc茫o (Gabriel Moreira) and Magali (Laura Rauseo) in search of the missing dog Floquinho. Chives ball one of his surefire plans and needs help from friends to find his dog.

The actors also complete the cast Monica Iozzi like Dona Luisa, Paulo Vilhena, like your Onion and Ravel Cabral like the Bag Man.

The film is an adaptation of the comic book La莽os written by Vitor and Lu Cafaggi and directed by Daniel Rezende.

Thus, the trailer has more details about the adventure of the group from the Limoeiro neighborhood in the cinema, and the classic throwing of the rabbit Samson in one of M么nica’s brave moments (Giulia Benite) could not be left out. The video also shows that Cebolinha (Kevin Vechiatto) will propose yet another surefire plan to find the dog Floquinho. M么nica, Casc茫o (Gabriel Moreira) and Magali (Laura Rauseo) agree to participate in this search and their individual skills will be very useful.

Monica’s Ties arrives on June 27 in theaters.