New names for the cast of The Brides, pilot over Count Dracula’s brides in ABC

New names for the cast of The Brides, pilot over Count Dracula's brides in ABC

After announcing the first name that will be part of the pilot of The Brides, a ABC released new actors who joined the cast of the producer’s project Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

In addition to Gina Torres, we will have the actors Katherine Reis, Sophia Tatum, and Chris Mason.

Kings will be Lily Stevens, the vampire’s youngest bride. The character will be a singer who lives in New York and will see a new relationship disrupt the relationship she has with her vampire sisters.

Mason will be Roland Grant, a real estate agent who wants to dethrone Cleo (Torres) from the post of New York’s best agent. The character has a past with Dracula and also wants to end his brides.

Tatum will be a model who wants to work with Renée Pélagie, Dracula’s third bride and not yet climbed.

The pilot will follow the story of Dracula’s brides, a trio of women who were transformed into immortal beings by the Count himself.

Aguirre-Sacasa will participate in executive production. Maggie Kiley who worked with Sacasa in Riverdale will drive the pilot.

There is no guarantee that ABC will approve the pilot for the series. We will know more about the new channel grid in May at UpFronts 2020.