, New Mexico | 1 × 13 – Recovering the Satellites [Season Finale]

 , New Mexico |  1 × 13 - Recovering the Satellites [Season Finale]

And we reached the final of Roswell, New Mexico! The series took a long time to take off, even though I liked it from the beginning, but his problem was to focus too much on Max and Liz’s novel, only when he found the series he was better at developing other characters. Final? A shock, even more not knowing if the series would have a second season, which was confirmed by The CW.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

First the series brought back Manes, who put Kyle against the wall and was shocked to see that the boy already had his own plans, as he discovered that he was the one who threw his father into the alien’s cell that gave him a tumor in the brain. Kyle did not get a weapon to take revenge, but applied a serum that left Manes in an induced coma.

Meanwhile Alex looked for a way to make himself happy and not be like his father, but he was not shown an ending. Only Michael, who could try something with him, feels that his family has been destroyed because of his family and ends up declaring himself to Maria. Michael’s bisexuality is something I want to see better worked on, and not just being convenient for him.

And still on Michael, he faces Max for Noah, trying to understand his past, but ends up being betrayed and killed, which forces Max to bring him back to life. Izobel and Michael end up seeing their brother learn to control his powers on a stormy night and take the lightning energy for himself, to discharge it on Noah.

The problem is that in the euphoria he not only saves Liz, but when he finds out that Noah kept Rosa trapped in a camera, he brings her back to life after so many years. This discharges him and leads him to his death. Seeing Rosa back brings another dynamic to the Orteco family, but mainly to Liz.

Izobel was strong enough to disengage from Noah before his death, but there was still something missing from his ending, which I hope will take a better approach to returning to the series next season.

Now it is to see the paths that Roswell, New Mexico will take, and I believe Izobel and Michael will “recharge” Max to bring him back to life.