, New Mexico | 1 × 10 – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

 , New Mexico |  1 × 10 - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Roswell, New Mexico finally showed his characters that there is a 3rd alien and that things tend to get more complicated for them, because the alien can take control of people’s bodies, which causes blackouts.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

After much discovery, they finally saw that Isobel was not responsible for Rosa’s death. After the cure brought her several memories back, she can understand that she wanted to be friends with Rosa, but she also had another feeling, from another person, who wants her in another way, and that she killed the other teenagers as a way of love.

That’s when Isobel “hears” memories that are not hers and begins to understand that something else wanted Rosa too much and that she promised to change her body if she wanted to, but that scared her and he killed her, so we have the brothers and history is reviewed.

Liz and Max find out for themselves, after this alien takes care of another body that invades her laboratory and destroys the healing samples, which are no longer there, as Michael took it to his sister. Max when confronting the boy sees that he is terrified of not remembering anything, just like the boy who attacked Liz some time ago.

Another important part of the story is that Cameron, Kyle and Alex start to get closer to investigate the aliens and they themselves start to see problems in the connections and worry about this 4th one that is terrorizing everyone, causing deaths that they previously thought were casual , but it has killed 14 people over the years. Kyle is even more tense because the doctor who made these people’s obituaries is the same as his father’s, and in the end he doesn’t even exist …

The damage from the past is also beginning to be better explained, such as Kyle telling his mother that his father did not cheat on her with a teenager, but that he was her father. The fact of the betrayal doesn’t change much, but it takes the weight off pedophilia and everything.

Now, his letter to his son must bring some important keys and he and Alex will have to deal with it.

Roswell, New Mexico it remains interesting and finally begins to explain things more and I already want more. Before I felt that I didn’t walk a lot, but now I like the characters and I want to know who the 4th alien is.