, New Mexico | 1 × 09 – Songs About Texas

 , New Mexico |  1 × 09 - Songs About Texas

Telling the truth of his characters to others, the series finally opens up to the fact that there is another alien in the region, and he has killed 14 people. AND Roswell, New Mexico still gives evidence of being someone known …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Izobel remains in the chamber to recover, and Liz even gets the antidote to save her, only that the discovery of the new deaths leaves her intrigued. Only with Max she assumes that she believes there is another alien on the loose, since many of Izobel’s deaths have alibi and she hasn’t suffered from blackouts in a long time.

The point is that Noah, after making numerous threats for not knowing where his wife is, ends up not only discovering the whereabouts, but the location of the cameras and that she is an alien. Only he doesn’t freak out or do anything … At least he’s not shown, which suggests that he may know more than we ever imagined.

Michael finally opens up to Alex, but I expect more from them, because everything is so over the top, but there is also so much pain, so much lies. At least they were sincere about the feelings, but it’s time to talk about what he really is.

Kyle, Alex and Cameron come together to understand the murders, and act much more calmly than I imagined. Now it’s about seeing their reaction to seeing what the aliens are capable of.

And in the episode we still had Maria singing Alanis Morissette and everyone having a quiet moment. Even more after they found out that a healer they went to was a charlatan, different from the previous one, who managed to save people and had contact with aliens, so much so that she used the symbol Max has on her body.

Now it is to see the paths that Roswell, New Mexico will open up in the next episodes.