, New Mexico | 1 × 04 – Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

 , New Mexico |  1 × 04 - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

And another interesting episode of Roswell, New Mexico, which again explores his characters’ fears and past, while drawing a complicated future for the city’s aliens. Liz and Max’s relationship is tense, as I always want them together when they are on the scene, but then there is an air of mystery that cannot be trusted.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Max took down all the generators in the city, leaving it in darkness. This caused problems in the city hospital and a boy could die, and while Kyle runs out of time to save the boy, Max comes in and sees that he has done so much damage, exposes himself to generate energy in the hospital and save the boy.

Kyle knows that Max is an alien, and only he, after all, Liz told, but hid about Michael and Isobel. Thus, the dispute between Kyle and Max becomes more intense, since both target the young girl’s heart …

The problem is that after so much running, Liz gets with Rosa’s ex, the backpack that she walked everywhere, and remembering that her sister said she was hurt a lot, she ends up finding out that it was because of a sister relationship teenager with Kyle’s father … And he knew about the aliens, which even puts Rosa in the crosshairs, and may have been one of the reasons for his death.

With Kyle knowing that Max is an alien and he telling his brothers this, in addition to the fact that Liz is getting closer and closer to knowing the truth, Michael decides to take the blame for the accident that killed not only Rosa, but other girls. I already want to see a flashback about what happened on that day …

I found Isobel interesting to be tense and unable to control her power, putting herself in danger and still in doubt of understanding why Rosa hates it. I liked Maria reading her hand and saying a lot of things she doesn’t like to hear, mainly because of her relationship with Noah.

The worst part is seeing Manes approaching Cameron and asking her to be his eyes and ears at the police station, since the sheriff will not make things easier for him, and he knows that Cameron can be of use and she respects him.

Roswell, New Mexico continues to evolve its plot well and intriguing us with its mysteries that start to get more intense.