, New Mexico | 1 × 03 – Tearin ‘Up My Heart

 , New Mexico |  1 × 03 - Tearin 'Up My Heart

And it’s not that Roswell, New Mexico continues to evolve the relationship of his characters and adding more values ​​to his plots. It’s interesting to see Isobel and Max’s relationship and how the brothers are so close, but it still leaves a little bit of Michael aside.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Willing to do anything to get Liz out of her brother’s life, Isobel does everything she can to get into the girl’s mind, but when she tries she doesn’t succeed and keeps seeing visions of Rosa. We still don’t know what happened to the girl in fact, but there is a lot of secret about it, and Liz begins to understand more about her sister. The point here is that Isobel finally opens her heart to her husband Noah about how strange it is to see Max in love with someone and not need her anymore and he makes it clear that he is there for her.

Meanwhile Michael and Alex start to drift further away, especially after the boy sees the alien doing strange business to get money. With Maine talking to his son, he really decides to let go of his love for Michael.

Kyle starts to get behind Max and creates strong connections with Liz, but the search not for the aliens, but for things behind his father’s death, ends up making him see that he was not a friend of Manes, who is really willing to do anything. to find out who the city aliens are and who left the mark on Liz.

Now, Liz and Maria going after Rosa’s tracks was sensational. Delicious details, horoscope with the serpentine constellation and a lot of travel through the city’s past. It is when she finds a hidden letter from Rosa that Liz discovers her involvement with Max.

It is then that Max tells Liz that the letter is actually his for her. Liz begins to understand that the boy’s love is years old and that he never forgot her and romanticized little moments. Only she doesn’t want anything to do with him and that’s when we see him losing control of his own powers and taking the light off the entire city.

Roswell, New Mexico it evolves very well and works with each of its characters, telling their story well, but it still needs to evolve the plot of the season better, even if it is interesting to see everyone wanting to know about the aliens, and imagine what the government will do with them.