, New Mexico | 1 × 02 – So Much for the Afterglow

 , New Mexico |  1 × 02 - So Much for the Afterglow

And in its 2nd episode, Roswell, New Mexico it shows us the dramas of the other aliens and creates more personal drama, and also a greater fear with the air force and also a secret organ that studies the aliens that fell in Roswell. But the cool thing is that Liz and Max have a very cool footprint.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Max is increasingly thinking about Liz and this bothers Isobel and Michael, as he begins to experience problems that put their presence at risk. The biggest problem was showing Liz that he was very close to Rosa when she died.

Out of her mind, Liz obtains an autopsy from her sister with Kyle and discovers the words written on her hand, reference to music “God of Wine” in Third Eye Blind, “A fraudulent zodiac”, in addition, there are marks on his face and arm, similar to the ones Max placed on his body. With that we have Liz completely removed from Max, and putting her destiny at risk, since Kyle is in contact with the government.

Max is concerned about the paths the city takes, especially on Rosa’s birthday, where we see a boy trying to kill Arturo, blaming his daughter for the death of his sister. Rosa’s accident proves to be increasingly complicated and linked to Max, Isobel and Michael.

I liked seeing Michael looking for a way to get off Earth, but it is his relationship with Alex that gets more and more complicated, and they get to have sex, because there is a spark about to blow them up. Alex complains that whenever he is with Michael he feels helpless, and Mary already knows the feeling of his friend.

Another relationship that is gradually opening is that of Isobel for Noah, that there is a love there, but the lies still leave a space between the two, since she fears that he will discover its origin.

Now waiting to see how Max and Liz’s relationship will be, the series still leaves us in doubt of Kyle’s reaction to the truths that are beginning to surface.

I’m enjoying the construction that Roswell, New Mexico has been doing with his characters and gradually presenting his plots. The series has a simple drama, it shows the fears and anxieties of immigrants, the xenophobes, those who welcome, and all this wrapped up in the mysteries of a science fiction.