New How To Train Your Dragon 3 poster shows Hiccup with a beard

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The promotion of the animated film How to Train Your Dragon 3 continues in full swing. In a new national poster revealed yesterday (7), the protagonists Soluço and Banguela, already adults for the third film in the franchise, share a reflection of their young versions in an incredible promotional image for the launch of the work.

As can be seen in the poster below, Soluço is already even keeping a beard and Toothless reveals himself to be much bigger than in previous films, explaining the fact that time has passed and, consequently, his characters have grown since the first film released in 2010 .

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the trailer subtitled below, where you can check out more of the new look of the characters, meet some new ones and get a taste of what the plot will be like for this that marks the end of the franchise produced by Dreamworks:

The dubbed version of the trailer has not yet been revealed.

Hiccup finally found a peaceful home where dragons can live safely. There, Hiccup’s dragon friend, Banguela, finds a companion, Fury of Light. But the lull ends when danger hovers around the place, causing Hiccup and Banguela to save their species.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 will debut in Brazilian cinemas in 2019. Until then, discover other animations in our special section.