Netflix will invest $ 20 million in original productions

Netflix will invest $ 20 million in original productions

The arrival of new companies in the universe threatens the dominant position of Netflix, but the platform has yet to comment on the matter. To face the competition, Netflix then decided to revise its strategy and bet on original productions. In 2020, the company Reed Hastings should invest more than $ 20 billion in its original content. This is 5 times more than in 2015.

Netflix will invest $ 20 million in original productions

Remember that Netflix has several great projects, such as the series , for example. Adapted from the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, the series is one of the platform’s biggest hits. In 2020, Geralt of Rivia will be back for a second season and it looks like the platform is determined to make it the viewers’ favorite, even if it means spending a lot of dollars.

The Witcher

If, in the beginning, Netflix could be proud of achieving commercial and critical success, this is no longer the case. Some productions manage to stand out in terms of content offered by the company, but rare are those that receive praise from the press and viewers. Netflix launched 371 series and original films in 2019, 40% more than in 2018. Proof that the company is betting on quantity, even more after canceling several productions with just one season.

However, Netflix has not abandoned the idea of ​​acquiring the rights to large series and films, and managed to win a broadcast contract for the iconic series. Seinfeld, but the battle is never very easy when you have the Amazon Prime or even the Apple as competitors. But it is still skyrocketing, as it is at the top of the most popular platforms, with 167 million subscribers worldwide.

By: Nayara Salaverry – Speak! Universities