Netflix: Understand how the platform measures the success of a production

Netflix: Understand how the platform measures the success of a production

The last half of 2019 marked a turning point in the history of Netflix. The market leader had to face two new platforms for the first time, including the impressive Disney +. To reassure investors, Netflix is ​​rethinking its view-counting method and revealing an indicator that shows “decision to watch”To a program.

It counts the netizens who watched more than two minutes of a certain program. The company justifies this decision by the diversity of its formats:

We have productions with very different durations, from 15 to 132 minutes, and we think that declaring that a family has watched 70% of an episode or movie, no longer makes sense.

For external analysts, indicators of this type always have their strengths but also their limitations. Limits that will be particularly palpable if these indicators are presented in isolation. One thing is certain, this new counting method is still interesting for Netflix: it allows you to obtain values 35% bigger than the old one. For example, 45 million users chose to watch Our Planet, compared to 33 million in the old counting system.

The Pharaonic success of The Witcher

It was nothing new that The Witcher would stand out on the Netflix platform. The series starring Henry Cavill already has 76 million viewers, according to Netflix’s new counting method, which also praises the series’s popularity in the Google, comparing your score with other productions of Amazon Prime, Apple TV + and Disney +.

In this way, it is possible to see that, in Google’s search in December, the term The Witcher registers numbers much higher than The Mandalorian in the same period. But while the company sees this as proof of its dominance in the streaming universe, the results can also be explained by the delay in the launch of Disney +. Currently, Star Wars is not available internationally, unlike The Witcher.

By: Nayara Salaverry – Writing Speak!