Netflix: ‘The Hunger Games’ and 10 more news this weekend

Netflix: ‘The Hunger Games’ and 10 more news this weekend

In quarantine season due to the risk of contagion by the new coronavirus (çovid-19), the service of, Netflix, has been a major source of entertainment.

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Many new features arrive on the platform in the coming days. Are series and movies for all tastes, to watch alone or with the family. Check here the main news to watch on Netflix in this weekend.

What’s new on Netflix to watch this weekend

March 20

As a rebellion against the Capital begins, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) are required to participate in a special edition of the Hunger Games, the Quaternary Massacre, which takes place every 25 years.

After surviving the Hunger Games arena, Katniss is now a refugee in District 13, as the Capital destroyed District 12. Peeta was brainwashed, and is now under Snow’s rule.

The presidency wants Katniss to lead a ‘resistance’ and mobilize the population in an endeavor that will put them at the center of the plot to unmask Snow.

Katniss, Peeta, Gale and Finnick embark on their last mission: to organize resistance against the president and to free the people of Panem. Katniss’ courage revives hope in a country willing to get rid of oppression.

– Season 1

In the 1870s, two footballers from opposite social classes face personal and professional dramas to change the sport (and England) forever.

() – Season 1

Relationships fail and loyalty changes when a new cheerleader coach takes over the high school team run by Beth and her dedicated best friend, Addy.

– Season 1

The owner of a zoo loses control and ends up accused of ordering a murder in the bizarre underworld of raising big cats. Based on a real story.

– Season 1

An espionage mission to dismantle a drug cartel leads a shy Mumbai policeman to discover her seductive power.

– Season 1

Half human, half vampire, a young Parisian girl tries to cope with her new powers, faces a family crisis and runs away from a secret vampire community.

An African-American, who overcame poverty, built an empire of beauty products and became the first millionaire through her own efforts. Based on a true story.

– Season 1

A young knight’s apprentice faces ancient prophecies, magical powers and fickle colleagues on his epic journey to save the kingdom.


In a prison where inmates on the upper floors eat better than those below, a man decides to do something to change that.

– Season 3

When the twins Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they encounter rivalry, romance and a mystery related to their mother’s recent death.

March 22

: Season 6

While the team continues to fight crime, Jake and Amy adapt to the marriage and Holt settles accounts with a rival.

While struggling to receive government benefits after suffering a heart attack, a widowed carpenter meets a single mother in a similar situation.

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