Netflix releases the documentary ‘#Anne Frank: Parallel Lives’

Netflix releases the documentary ‘#Anne Frank: Parallel Lives’

The new catalog of Netflix that week made available, on July 1, the documentary. Launched in 2019, under the direction of Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto, the socio-cultural narrative has 1 hour and 34 minutes and has the cast composed by British actress Helen Mirren, winner of the 2007 Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, and actress Martina Gatti.

The documentary has as its guiding thread the literary work , originally published in 1947, in which young Anne writes about the moments she lived confined in a hiding place to escape the Nazis during World War II, from June 1942 to August 1944, when she was captured and taken to the concentration camp .

For two years, his best company was his diary, affectionately nicknamed Kitty. The work was published by the only survivor of his family, his father Otto Frank, and became a world cup and a portrait of the horror that the Jews suffered during that period.

#Anne Frank: Parallel Lives

At the same time that this fearful genocide is portrayed, as well as the book, the documentary shows the lightness of a young dreamer, who wanted to live free and in peace, work, ride a bicycle, go to the cinema, dance and kiss.

In a soft but penetrating voice, actress Helen Mirren tells the whole story with excerpts taken from the original work. At times, he looks directly at the camera, with an incisive look, as if he challenges the receiver to reflect and ensure that this story is never repeated.

The narrator’s scenario is between four walls, in Anne Frank’s room, with a half light. The walls are the limits of the Jewish girl’s dreams and her bedroom is a symbol of the most welcoming place, with collages of famous artists of the time and emblematic figures around. However, while the atmosphere is oppressive and suffocating, it remembers the place where Anne spent her last, most joyful days, before facing the harsh reality of extermination.

In addition to Helen Mirren, another figure is presented in the documentary as a current image, the actress Martina Gatti, who has no lines throughout the cinematographic work. Connected on social networks, the character @KaterinaKat is a modern young woman, with long brown hair, who, throughout history, travels throughout Anne Frank’s trajectory and the parallel lives that are portrayed – Helga, Andra, Tatiana, Sarah and Arianna . The young woman visits museums and memorials, reads the original work and visits the Frank family’s hideout. Questioner, she travels in search of answers to such human atrocity and posts her findings on her online profile.

The parallel lives are portrayed by real stories by Helga, Andra, Tatiana, Sarah and Arianna. Holocaust survivors and similar in age to Anne, the five represent the marks of a past repulsive by excessive human cruelty. Still tattooed with their numbers from the concentration camp, they testify to what they saw and lived and summon new generations so that they never forget what happened.

The documentary is based on real and impacting stories, which mark the greatest documented genocide and the horror that occurred in the 20th century. For more than seven decades, the story of Anne Frank, who is now 91, has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world and has become a symbol of so many stories and dreams that are shattered by war. The fight is not over, but Anne Frank wrote a tip behind the cover of her diary: “be kind and have courage”.

Synopsis and trailer

Oscar winner Hellen Mirren tells the story of Anne Frank based on the young woman’s diary in the documentary that also features the saga of five Holocaust survivors.


Original title:
Duration: 94 minutes
Launch: 11 November 2019 (Italy)
Available: Netflix
Directed by: Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto
Classification: 12 years
Genre: Drama, Documentary
Country of origin: Italy