Netflix releases opening of Carmen Sandiego’s animated series; check out!

 Netflix releases opening of Carmen Sandiego's animated series;  check out!

THE Netflix released the opening sequence of the animated series Carmen Sandiego!

The series, arrives on the streaming service next week, and also won a new theme song.

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So, in the animated series, we will see that everyone wants to know WHERE Carmen Sandiego is, but no one asks WHO is Carmen Sandiego. The iconic woman in red is back on new adventures around the world and reminiscing about the past.

The actress Gina Rodriguez will give voice to the famous character of the famous video game that became a TV series in the 90s. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? we accompanied Zack and Ivy as they unveiled the blows and other crimes practiced by the mysterious villain Carmen Sandiego.

At each episode, the duo in partnership with the computer called Boss went to a location on the globe looking for clues of jewelry thefts, bank robberies and historical artifacts that were ultimately involved with the character who wore a hat and a characteristic overcoat. The series still had an educational format and provided information on history and geography.

In the cast of the animation we also have the actor Finn Wolfhard, in Stranger Things, who will voice the Player character who should be Carmen’s friend and also her boss!

Carmen Sandiego debuts on Netflix in January 18.