Netflix releases images and debut date for Nobody’s Watching

Netflix releases images and debut date for Nobody's Watching

THE Netflix today revealed the first images of No one is looking, original Brazilian series that premieres on November 22globally with Victor Lamoglia (Parafernalha), Julia Rabello (Back door), Kéfera Buchmann (It’s Fairy!), Leandro Ramos (Culture Shock), Danilo de Moura (Tim Maia – Vale Tudo, the Musical) and the singer Projota (Guards) in the cast, among others.

The eight episodes of the series created and directed by the award-winning director Daniel Rezende (Bingo, the King of Mornings, Monica’s Gang – Ties) and produced by Gullane they tell a universal story – about guardian angels – in a humorous and unusual way. For starters, forget everything you know about angels. The correct term is Angelus. The reinvention of beings goes further: in a shirt and tie, this is how the Angelus, with discreet wings, go out to work and protect humans. The hilarious journey ends up exploring humanity’s most complex issues.

In the plot, Uli (Victor Lamoglia) is the newest Angelus in the 5511th District. Under the tutelage of veterans Greta (Júlia Rabello) and Chun (Danilo de Moura), and the relentless look of Inspector Fred (Augusto Madeira), he will learn the rules of the Angelus System and the punishments for those who disobey them. Unable to accept the boss’s arbitrary orders, Uli decides to help humans on his own, including captivating Miriam (Kéfera Buchmann), veterinarian Sandro (Leandro Ramos) and Richard (Projota), a man who had a broken heart. In a few hours, the rookie breaks all the rules. But, to his surprise, he is not punished. Is the boss really watching?

No one is looking is a creation of Daniel Rezende, Teodoro Poppovic and Carolina Markowicz. The script is signed by Mariana Trench Bastos, Mariana Zatz, Leandro Ramos, David Tennenbaum, Cauê Laratta, Felipe Sant’Angelo and Rodrigo Bernardo. Under the general direction of Rezende, who also signs as a showrunner, the series is directed by himself, Fernando Fraiha and Marcus Baldini. The producers and brothers Caio Gullane and Fabiano Gullane collaborate with Netflix for the first time.

No one is looking opens globally on November 22, at the link