Netflix reacts to fan complaints about cancellation of One Day at a Time

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Netflix Brazil received so many negative and furious comments from fans of One Day at a Time after the series was canceled. He ended up commenting on his twitter account apologizing about the cancellation.

“I know I disappointed you, but know that I will continue to create content as diverse as ODAAT. Making that decision was sad, but I will not stop telling relevant stories. I promise”

There are almost 10,000 responses on the tweet. They are fans outraged at the cancellation, asking for the series to be saved. The #SaveODAAT hahstag is already being used. Will the fan demonstration be successful?

According to Deadline the series should be offered to other broadcasters and can be saved. As with Brooklyn 9-9, it was canceled by Fox and saved by NBC.

One Day at a Time is a reboot of a series that aired in 1975. The series follows a Cuban family living in the United States and the veteran war mother must deal with depression and anxiety while taking care of her two children and mother.

With really clever jokes and a lot of criticism on topics like the current American government, machismo, abuse and prejudice, the series is acclaimed by the specialized critic. The fans complained about little investment in advertising, which resulted in little public.

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By Milena Costa