Netflix introduces cast of Spectros, its new national original series

Netflix introduces cast of Spectros, its new national original series

THE Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, announces the cast of its new original series, Spectros. The acclaimed writer Douglas Petrie, executive producer and director of the show, introduces the protagonist Danilo Mesquita (Second sun, Rock Story, 3%), as well as Enzo Barone (The Voice of Silence, Rental Friend) and newcomers Claudia Okuno, Pedro Carvalho and Mariana Sena in this supernatural thriller set in Liberdade.

The series revolves around a group of five teenagers accidentally drawn to a supernatural reality that they cannot understand and that connects to the same place in the city in 1858. When confronted by increasingly bizarre and dark events, the group comes to a inevitable conclusion: someone is bringing death back and the spirits want revenge for the mistakes made in the past.

Based on a concept developed by Anderson Almeida, Antonio de Freitas and Michael Ruman, the series was created by Douglas Petrie, who also oversees the script, is an executive producer and directs the show. The team of writers also has Michael Ruman, Anderson Almeida, Antonio de Freitas, Janaína Tokitaka and Paula Knudsen.

Spectros is produced by Moonshot Pictures, with Roberto D’Avila and Suraia Lenktaitis as producers. The show joins the list of original Netflix series produced in Brazil, such as 3%, The Mechanism, Samantha!, Most beautiful thing, Tuning, No one is looking, Super Drags, Invisible Cities, Brotherhood and The chosen.

Spectros will have eight episodes and will be available to Netflix subscribers worldwide in 2020.