Netflix considering producing US version of La Casa de Papel

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La Casa de Papel, as soon as it joined Netflix, became the platform’s most watched non-English series and has already been renewed for its third season, but the American Netflix team has other plans for production, and that includes an American version.

Who showed interest was Erik Barmack, VP of original content from Netflix, saying the reason would be that the series’ worldwide success did not reach English-speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

There is an internal debate, however, about how the adaptation would be, since the series is so unique and original that it would be difficult to work in a new setting, now in the United States, and risk losing the humor of the original characters.

The creator of La Casa de Papel, Álex Pina, is interested in expanding the horizons of the series by making his plot more daring, taking the characters we already know to the United States to try to rob Fort Knox.

However, the idea of ​​launching a totally American remake of La Casa de Papel has not appealed to fans who, on social networks, express a dislike for Hollywood always wanting to create their version of successful foreign language series and films, as already it was done with numerous East Asian productions, including Death Note, which was heavily criticized.

Hollywood and the English language have always dominated the audiovisual market. With the expansion of Latin, European and mainly Asian cinema and television that has succeeded in recent years, English-speaking countries continue to close themselves to these productions due to linguistic prejudice and “fear” of subtitles. Thus, American remakes have been gaining ground among the country’s producers, although international fans are not happy with that.

There is a portion of Netflix’s internal staff who are taking a stand against the American spin-off and, one of the producers, says the company has done an excellent job of making non-English series relevant around the group, but transforming them in North American productions can be a shot in the foot for Netflix, as if these, due to their strange nationality, were considered less important.

Read more about La Casa de Papel to stay on top of any updates to the series. Its third season hits Netflix in 2019.