Netflix: check out what debuts in June 2020 on the streaming platform

Netflix: check out what debuts in June 2020 on the streaming platform

Netflix: check out what debuts in June 2020 on the streaming platform
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

Netflix is ​​in full swing in the month of June 2020: lots of incredible news coming to the streaming platform for Brazilian subscribers, including the final season of the popular original series 13 Reasons Why and big blockbusters like The Rescue of Private Ryan, film directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1998.

Check out the main news and their release dates below:


Married to Medicine (June 1st)
Dear My Friends (June 1st)
Keeping Up with the Kardashians (June 1st)
My Friend Zão (June 1st)
My Shy Boss (June 1st)
Revolutionary Love (June 1st)
The Real Housewives of Atlanta (June 1st)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (June 1st)
The Real Housewives of New York (June 1st)
Top Chef (June 1st)
Life on Board (June 1st)
Fuller House Season 5, part 2 (June 2nd)
Vera – Rainbow Rescue (June 2nd)
Baki – The Champion – Season 3 (June 3)
Do you understand or need to draw? (June 4th)
13 Reasons Why – Season 4 (June 5th)
Lost (June 5th)
Queer Eye – Season 5 (June 5th)
The Last Days of American Crime (June 5th)
Curon (June 10)
Lenox hill (June 10)
My Mister (June 10)
Reality Z (June 11th)
The search (June 12)
F Is For Family – Season 4 (June 12)
Frank Elstner: Just One Last Question (June 12)
Jo Koy: In His Elements (June 12)
Kipo and the Animonsters – Season 2 (June 12)
Dating, friendship … or goodbye? – Season 2 (June 12)
Silence in the Forest (June 12)
Alexa and Katie – Season 3, part 2 (June 13)
Professor Iglesias – Season 2 (15th of June)
The Order – Season 2 (June 18)
Babies in Focus – Season 2 (June 18)
City Cirandinha (June 18)
Most Beautiful Thing – Season 2 (June 18)
The Politician – Season 2 (June 18)
The Sinner – Season 3 (June 18)
Crazy Delicious (June 24)
In the Owl Mountains (June 26)


Anesu’s Incredible Kitchen (June 1st)
The Vacation of My Life (June 1st)
Jason and the Argonauts (June 1st)
Game of Titans (June 1st)
The Invincible Dragon (June 1st)
Saving Private Ryan (June 1st)
Beautiful (June 3)
Every Word Counts (June 3)
Fortune through the Pipes (June 5th)
The Seducers of Abuja 2 (June 5th)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (June 7)
Reckoning (June 8th)
Blood Detachment (June 12)
Magnetic – For Few (June 12)
Stronger than Gravity 2 (June 12)
Stronger than Gravity 3 (June 12)
Stronger than Gravity (June 12)
Playmobil: The Movie (June 12)
Emotion Addicts (June 12)
Queen + Adam Lambert: The Show Must Continue (15th of June)
The infinite limit (15th of June)
Cat eyes (June 18)
Lost Bullet (June 18)
One Way for Tomorrow (June 18)
Father, Son, Motherland (June 18)
Wasp Network: Spy Network (June 18)
Wasp Network: Spy Network (June 18)
Athlete A (June 24)
Nobody Knows I’m Here (June 24)
Eurovision Song Contest: The Sigrit and Lars Saga (June 26)
George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half (June 28)

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