Netflix: Check out all the movies that arrive on the platform in May

Netflix: Check out all the movies that arrive on the platform in May

With the coronavirus, the services of are in an unprecedented growth, entitled to a record of subscribers of the Netflix. May arrives with classic horror titles and Batman movies. Check out the new platform films coming this month.

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Netflix releases in May

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– Sentenced to life in prison, a young man reflects on the people, the circumstances and the system that led him to the life of the crime.

– In the fifties, a detective (played by Leonardo Di Caprio) investigates a disappearance inside a psychiatric hospital located on an island.

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– Ellie Chu is a displaced girl who does schoolwork for her classmates in exchange for money, to help her family with the bills. Ellie is in love with the beautiful Aster Flores and things get complicated when a football team player asks her to write a love letter to the same girl on her behalf.

– During a family trip, the Griswold will go through great trouble.

– A psychologist and a beggar decide to do good deeds. The film is an adaptation of Augusto Cury’s book.

– The first film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, the film tells the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and how he becomes a hero.

– The two most classic superheroes from DC face off, where the only winner is Lex Luthor.

– The batman is forced to return to Gotham when threats such as Bane and Catwoman are active.

– A mobster goes through the dilemma of returning to active duty to defend his royal family or his family from crime. Starring Liam Neeson.

– In an attempt to contact a familiar spirit, a psychic releases the demon that will chase the protagonist.

– After having his home invaded and his wife murdered by bandits, Paul starts to accompany the police in the investigations to capture the criminals.

– After exchanging several messages with the woman of his dreams, Tim Morris decides to take a risk and invites the young woman to a corporate event on an island paradise.

Available 17/05 – Sunday

– Desperate to pay the bills and live up to the expectations of their loved ones, three friends risk everything in a bold move to end the bank that disappeared with their money.

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Available 22/05 – Friday

The original Marvel hero movie. It tells of Bruce Banner’s flawed experiment that turned him into the green giant we know.

– The fugitive from a robbery stays at the mysterious Bates Motel. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece.

– A couple (IssaRae and KumailNanjiani) are going through a crisis in their relationship. When they find themselves suddenly involved in a mysterious murder, they must try to solve the crime to clear their names while trying to save the relationship.

– As a child, John wanted his teddy bear to come to life and, surprisingly, was attended to. However, now that he is an adult, he must deal with the consequences of his request, since Ted will not stop tormenting his life.

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Available on 26/05 – Tuesday

– John Form thinks he found the ideal gift for his pregnant wife, a vintage doll. However, the couple’s joy does not last long. On a terrible night, members of a satanic sect invade the couple’s home in a violent attack. When trying to summon a demon, they smear the blood doll, making it the recipient of an evil entity.

Available 28/05 – Thursday

– The marriage between David and Tessa ends and he keeps the house and the custody of the young daughter. Tessa, furious with the situation, finds out that he is already involved with a new woman, Julia, a victim of abuse by her ex-husband. While Julia adapts to her stepmother’s life, Tessa devises a plan to sabotage David’s new girlfriend and resume the relationship.