National film Helen gets trailer; check out!

 National film Helen gets trailer;  check out!

ELO Company unveiled trailer for Helen, national film that hits theaters on April 16. The feature is directed by André Meirelles Callazzo and had tests for some of her roles were done in public schools in the neighborhood and who stayed with the protagonist was Thalita Machado.

They are also in the cast Marcélia Cartaxo and Tony Tornado.

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The feature portrays the political and social reality of the Bexiga neighborhood, in São Paulo. It brings the real story of Dona Maria (in the film as Dona Graça), a resident of the neighborhood, who sells barbecue on the doorstep, and with this income she paid for the study of her children and her granddaughter Ágatha Helen (in the film as Helen). Helen was born when her parents were only 14 years old, so her grandmother took on the responsibility of taking care of the girl. The film tells of the girl’s quest to get and save money to buy a gift box for her grandmother.

Helen brings the reality of tenements and financial and social problems. And, although the neighborhood is known for its Italian traditions, the director brings another cultural aspect of the place, which was one of the first quilombos in the capital of São Paulo.

The film was selected for the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, which takes place between the 20th and the 29th of March.

The production of the feature is Prosperity Content and the distribution is ELO Company.

Helen hits theaters on April 16