My Mother is a Play 3 premieres today in theaters

My Mother is a Play 3 premieres today in theaters

My Mother is a Play 3 premieres today in theaters
Photo: Disclosure / Downtown Filmes

My Mother is a Play 3 arrives this Thursday (26) in theaters in Brazil. The new chapter of the national comedy franchise brings Paulo Gustavo (Vai que Cola) back to the role of the hilarious Dona Hermínia, who is increasingly in trouble as her family grows.

In addition to Paulo Gustavo, the film features Rodrigo Pandolfo and Mariana Xavier in the main roles. Check out the trailer for the third part of the fun saga:

The first film in the franchise was released in 2013 and guaranteed a great success at the box office, with more than 4 million and 600 thousand viewers, making it the most watched national film of that year.

The second film came close to Christmas 2016, and not even the holiday made people stop watching the film, which hit 1 million viewers on its opening weekend alone. The numbers continued to grow, and more than 9 million Brazilians went to theaters over the course of their total screening.

Now, three years later, we are back for the third film in the franchise, and expectations are high for both the quality of the feature and its performance at the box office.

In this new film, Dona Hermínia needs to take a new direction in her life, as her children are already grown up and starting their own families. While Marcelina announces her first pregnancy and Juliano reveals that she will be married, Dona Hermínia has yet to deal with the return of her ex-husband, Carlos Alberto, who decides to move to the next apartment.

The film is already showing in theaters in Brazil. Check availability at the nearest network and enjoy!

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