My First First Love: meet the new Korean series from Netflix

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My First First Love is Netflix’s newest bet for its diverse catalog expansion, landing again in South Korea to, after the success of Kingdom’s zombies, show a more delicate side with an innocent young romantic comedy. In this new production, a group of five friends who live under the same roof exchange experiences about love and friendship, discovering more about themselves.

The production trailer was recently revealed. Check it out, with English subtitles:

For the already established audience of Korean dramas, the highlight of this production is its cast that has names like Ji Soo, star of popular dramas like Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon (2017) and Moon Lovers (2016), in addition to the stars by K-POP Jung Chae Yeon, from DIA, and Jung Jin Young, from B1A4, who are also featured in the Korean media for their performances.

Korean series are one of the main trends of the current audiovisual market, given the prominence that South Korea has gained in the global media after the rise of K-POP and artists like BTS, BLACKPINK and Monsta X who are dominating this scenario until then controlled by American singers.

The premiere is worldwide and will take place on April 18, next Thursday, only on Netflix.

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