Multishow apologizes for cutting Chapolin joke

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The rights to broadcast the Mexican series Chaves and Chapolin were acquired by Multishow, which, since May 21, has shown its episodes on the closed channel. The fans, however, complained about the new dubbing of one of Chapolin’s episodes, “The Discovery of the Lost Tribe”, which had a joke cut off because it was considered homophobic by the broadcaster.

In the episode, the character of Marie Antoinette de Las Nievas comments that it would be better to have called Batman instead of Chapolin.

In the original series, the protagonist counters by saying that “Batman went on his honeymoon with Robin” and therefore could not come, still hinting at Batman’s homosexuality in his commentary. In the new dub, his speech was switched to “Batman couldn’t come because he punctured the Batmobile’s tire”.

It is not the first time that the episode has been broadcast in Brazil, being part of a DVD released in 2005 and of the SBT programming, where both kept the original joke. With the revolt of the fans, the director of digital programming at Multishow, Tatiana Costa, apologized and justified the decision during an interview for the UOL portal:

“We made a mistake in this case, but we will still make a lot of mistakes. And that’s good, because it is alive, it is an exchange, it is not a single, one-sided decision, threaded down our throats. We are here to listen, discuss together and adjust. We are fans too and we know that we still have a lot of battles ahead of us. There is, of course, behind a homophobic nature, something more macho. “

She continues: “We understand that it was a prejudiced joke. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was considered normal, but luckily today it is no longer acceptable. We tried to smooth it over. It was not easy. We have a lot of power in our hands. We are a democratic channel. , which has Pabllo Vittar on the air in an incredible program with the purpose of fighting all this. But, at the same time, we understand that the fans reacted. We will get it right and wrong, but always with the attempt to do the best. “

Chaves and Chapolin are shown from Monday to Friday, at 11 pm on the Multishow channel.