Mulan’s director confirms absence of songs in live-action and reveals why


Mulan's director confirms absence of songs in live-action and reveals why
Photo: Disclosure / Disney

Last year, when the first information about Mulan’s live-action was released, much was discussed about cutting important songs from the franchise. Now that the film is about to be released, its director, Niki Caro, confirms that her project is not a musical, and justifies the absence of the songs:

“Back to the question of realism, we don’t tend to sing when we go to war. Not that I’m saying anything against the animation. The songs are brilliant, and if I could just squeeze them in. [do live-action], I would do. But we honor animation music in a very meaningful way. I think that’s the biggest thing for me when making – remaking – an iconic title like Mulan in live action. It is the fact that it can be real, and it is the true story of a girl who is going to war. “

In the same interview with Digital Spy, Caro also said that the team chose to leave Mushu out of this version and explains why:

“I think we can all say. That Mushu is irreplaceable. The animated classic stands out on its own. In this film, there is a representative of the creature – a spiritual representation of the ancestors, and more particularly of Mulan’s relationship with her father … But an update from Mushu? No. “

Without songs, without Mushu and with greater fidelity to the original Chinese history, the film hits theaters on March 26, 2020 in theaters in Brazil.

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