Mulan star generates controversy by supporting the police in Hong Kong

The lead actress Mulan live-action attracted much negative attention to the film recently and for political reasons. The film is scheduled for 2020 and has been hugely anticipated by the public, especially because it promises to be a slightly different design. Soon, it is expected that everyone is eager to know what lies ahead. However, recently the film was in the media for negative reasons: a political positioning of the actress Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan. See the movie trailer:

In a Chinese social network, Yifei published a picture in which he supported the police in Hong Kong, which is being heavily criticized for its violent reactions to the protests has been happening in the region. Truculent, police have used violence to try to contain the demonstrators. They, in turn, are manifesting the new Chinese law that want to extradite citizens of Hong Kong to be judged for crimes they committed in Hong Kong. The situation in the region is very tense because although Hong Kong is technically Chinese territory, the location was for a long time independent and therefore have freedoms that mainland China has not.

The positioning Yifei generated outrage on social media. The #BoycottMulan hashtag (boycott Mulan) reached the trending topics worldwide on Twitter. Disney has not yet manifested on the subject, but certainly the repercussions for the film was very bad. Let’s wait to see what this is going. Learn all about Mulan here in Cinema10.