Mulan can raise 50% less than expected if it opens in theaters

Mulan may raise less than expected if it opens in theaters

Mulan may raise less than expected if it opens in theaters
Photo: Disclosure / Disney

Wall Street analyst Michael Nathanson gave a recent interview to the Deadline portal in which he says it would be better for Disney, thinking in the long run, that Mulan’s film debut is canceled and the film is released directly by Disney +, the streaming platform from the company.

The live-action is scheduled to open on July 24 and, although health conditions are not yet favorable for a debut of this level, considering that many cinemas must still remain behind closed doors there due to the coronavirus pandemic, the CEO of Disney has already revealed that he is not willing to postpone the release of the film again, nor does he seem interested in playing Mulan directly on the internet.

According to Nathanson, Disney expected to raise at least $ 1 billion at the box office with the film, but if it collects 50%, that is, about $ 500 million, it will be quite an achievement in the current situation.

The analyst also says that if Disney really wants to keep plans to release the film in July, it will need to pay for other expenses such as bringing back employees from the marketing team, removed since the beginning of the pandemic and the closure of the studios. Still according to Nathanson, a launch in streaming could boost Disney +. “In a perverse way, this could be better for Disney’s actions in the long run than Mulan going to the movies,” he says.

Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, also wants to reopen the theme parks soon, which is also commented by Nathanson: “Until you have a vaccine, the parks will be managed with great caution.”

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To date, the release is still expected to take place in theaters on July 24, 2020.

While new information is not given, read more about Mulan’s live-action at Cinema10 to learn all about the long-awaited Disney debut.