Muhammad Ali film opens February 25

Muhammad Ali film opens February 25

The documentary ALI & CAVETT: THE TALE OF THE TAPES, who explores the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali through his numerous appearances on Dick Cavett’s iconic talk show, debuts on HBO and on HBO GO on February 25th.

Between 1968 and 1979, Muhammad Ali participated no less than 14 times in the Emmy® winning program ‘The Dick Cavett Show’. With his charisma, his wit and his playful way, Ali was the perfect guest for presenter Dick Cavett. Together, they created remarkable TV moments. Merging old scenes from the show with current statements from the presenter himself, as well as expert analysis from writers, sports commentators and civil rights activists, ALI & CAVETT: THE TALE OF THE TAPES is a fascinating journey back in time, discussing current issues, the two men built an unlikely and lasting bond.

The world heard about Muhammad Ali – known at the time by his original name, Cassius Clay – when he won the gold medal in the light heavyweight category at the 1960 Rome Olympics. At 18, a boxing prodigy was born. From there he decided to use fame to draw attention to America’s racial, religious and political issues, and took discussions about these problems to American homes. When participating in ‘The Dick Cavett Show’, Ali found in the presenter a smart partner and willing to participate in the debate and take it to the public.

ALI & CAVETT: THE TALE OF THE TAPES has important interviews with several experts who comment on Ali’s legacy, such as civil rights activist Al Sharpton, sports journalist and for a long time commentator on the World Boxing at HBO Larry Merchant, the Ali Thomas Hauser’s biographer, columnist Juan Williams and writer Ilyasah Shabazz. Archival material for ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ includes interviews with Muhammad Ali coach Angelo Dundee, and boxing champions Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Frazier.

Directed by Robert S. Bader, ALI & CAVETT: THE TALE OF THE TAPES is written by Robert S. Bader and Dick Cavett, produced by Robert S. Bader, Bay Dariz and Allan Falk, and edited by Robert S. Bader and Oliver Thompson . The documentary is presented by HBO Documentary Films and Cavalier Films.

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