Movie ‘Rescue’, with Chris Hemsworth, will continue on Netflix?

Movie ‘Rescue’, with Chris Hemsworth, will continue on Netflix?

One of the most successful debuts of the Netflix, the film (), starring Chris Hemsworth (, in the MCU), remains on the list of most watched movies the platform. The success is so great, that the fans asked for a continuation for the Russo brothers, producers of the film. And everything indicates that the request will be fulfilled and will even happen.

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Will the movie have a sequel?

According to the portal, the Russo brothers have already signed a contract with Netflix to write the continuation of , but there is still no preview for the debut.

The deal is closed for me to write, and we are in the early stages of what history can be. We do not yet know whether the story will advance or go back in time. We left a big open ending, which leaves question marks for the audience.

Joe Russo told Deadline

Still according to the website, Russo expects the director Sam Hargrave and Hemsworth go back to the sequel. Although neither confirmed the return, the Russo brothers are optimistic, based on the enthusiastic posts they both made on their social networks.

Director Hargrave came to post a photo on his Instagram account with the caption: “Who wants to see us deliver a second film? See the link in the bio for the BIG NEWS. ” The link leads to the article, with the interview with Joe Russo.

Since its debut, it has been watched by over 90 million Netflix users. The number surpassed the audience of other great successes, such as (85 million), (73 million) and (80 million).