Most Beautiful Thing | First impressions

 Most Beautiful Thing |  First impressions

Rio de Janeiro. 1959. Most beautiful thing it looks like a 6 o’clock soap, but only the face. Production arrives at Netflix with a neat look, a very flashy and beautiful photo as if they had applied one of those Instagram filters, you know? Other than that, the text of Heather Ruth it seems to know how things were going in Brazil at that time and the complex social relations that were imposed on women in society.

Most Beautiful Thing – First Impressions | Photo: Netflix

Most beautiful thing, or The Wonderful Mrs. Most Beautiful Thing, where Netflix now has a The wonderful Mrs. Maisel to call yours, it is one of the successes of the national expansion of the streaming service here in Brazil. The series recalls one of these productions from HBO Latin America, and this clearly reflects the hiring of one of the competition’s greatest talents who recently joined the streaming service. Most beautiful thing it has enormous sophistication and goes beyond, far beyond, the other national productions already launched here. Most beautiful thing, proves the saying, with money you can do anything, just look at the cast with faces known to the Brazilian public, who here, venture into the pleasures of this new era that national productions meet, the era of streaming.

Most beautiful thing talks about new beginnings and new beginnings, facing the world head on and with your head held high. This is clear, when we see things on fire, shine on screen, when already in the pilot episode “1 × 01 – Welcome to Rio” the young Maria Luiza (the great Maria Casadevall) arrives in Rio de Janeiro alone to find her husband Pedro, only to soon find out that the boy disappeared and took all his money.

So, together with the fire, the broken glass and the ashes of things on the floor of the small hotel that she will stop, we see the rebirth of the young woman, now Malu, who starts a new life, and begins a new journey surrounded by a lot of national music, mainly of a new contagious rhythm, Bossa Nova. And that, all with the help of some friendships that flourish throughout the season, thanks to a party on a boat.

Most Beautiful Thing – First Impressions | Photo: Netflix

Like this, the first episodes of Most beautiful thing introduces the viewer and the young woman, the classy Maria Luíza, to a popular Brazil, of samba, of different drinks, and of the carioca way. The friendship between the rich young woman from São Paulo, and the struggling, single and black mother Adelia (Pathy de Jesus, talented) is the beginning of this story that celebrates the female union with a giant and delicious musical vein.

In Most beautiful thing,it may be 1959, but in the series, women are united, empowered and independent, as we were in the middle of 2019 and this is very clear in the following episodes 1 × 02 – Girls Are Not Welcome and 1 × 03 – Águas de Agosto, where we see the main quartet, each in their own way, discovering new things, new talents and struggling to change their lives.

In Most beautiful thing we see group formed by Malu, Adélia and more friends Lígia (Fernanda Vasconcellos) and Thereza (Mel Lisboa) take the reins of their lives and fight tooth and nail for a space in society, something that women at that time did not have, either when opening their own business, for more diversity in the workplace and even in matters family relationships. At a time when men have always been prominent, here in the series, they are in the background, but they help to tell this story, as is the case with musicians Chico Carvalho (Leandro Lima) and the Captain (Ícaro Silva, in a great lineup).

In the beginning of the season, Most beautiful thing celebrates one of the beautiful things that Brazil has, its people and its claw, in a series that should bring a reflection on the way that society puts characters in boxes, where we hope that production, throughout the season, begins a healthy debate on subjects still present in the daily life of Brazilians, whether at the bar tables, in the living rooms or in the offices and coffee rooms.

Most beautiful thing arrives with 7 episodes in Netflix day March 22.